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Oil Change Intervals and Common Sense

There is a lot of disinformation out there regarding "oil change" intervals. Manufacturers are recommending ever increasing intervals between oil changes. In fact, most manufacturers have programmed the powertrain control module (the computer that serves as your engine's brain) to make the determination for when you should have your oil and filter changed. At Integrity Car Care & Tires we believe that waiting for the "oil change reminder" light to come on in your late model car is false economy. Not too long ago, we had to replace a customers' engine that had just over 60K miles on it. He had records showing he had always changed the oil according to the manufacturers 10K mile recommended interval. Another shop owner recently shared with me that he had to replace a customers' engine at 87K miles. Again, the customer had always complied with the manufacturers 8K mile recommendation. In our professional experience, we recommend you change conventional oil every 3000 miles and synthetic oil every 6000 miles. I recently changed the oil on my personal 2013 Ford F150. I run synthetic oil in it and overshot my oil change mileage by about 500 miles. When I went to reset the oil change reminder light, I was shocked to find the oil that already had 6500 miles on it still had 48% useful life remaining! I would have had over 12000 miles on that oil if I followed the advice of my engine's computer!

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