Virginia Beach Auto Repair

Money Tips for Stress Free Auto Repair

Auto loan payments, insurance, and fuel come up every month and are pretty easy to plan for. Plus, you can typically anticipate so many oil changes in a year and the odd engine or cabin air filter here or there. These costs are standard with vehicle ownership and part of the price we pay for safe and reliable transportation.

The real rub is when costly repair work like needing new tires, a timing belt, a leaky radiator or an engine management system failure happen suddenly or “crawl up” on us and need attention at a bad time. We never want to compromise on safety items, but occasionally can find ourselves in a “pay a little now or pay a lot later” situation where we have to consider putting off important maintenance and repairs for budget reasons.

Fortunately, at Integrity Car Care & Tires we have an easy to budget solution to these unplanned repair costs with our convenient NAPA EasyPay Credit Card. You may be saying, “The last thing I want is another credit card”, but this is a specialty card for automotive service and repair items. It lets you keep your cash and other credit cards free for other things. Want more peace of mind with your auto repair servicing? Use your NAPA EasyPay Credit Card and increase the NAPA Peace of Mind Nationwide Limited Repair Warranty which covers parts and labor on qualifying automotive repairs from 24 months or 24,000 miles to 36-months or 36,000-miles.

Whether it’s a large unexpected repair or something as routine as wanting to get caught up on several maintenance services before a road trip, this card can help you work these important expenses into your budget. The card is easy to apply for and you’ll have an answer back while you wait. Ask one our Service Advisors for details.

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